Becky from London

Our late summer family holiday at Warmth and Wonder’s barn was one of the most relaxing breaks we’ve had in a long time. While only around 3 hours from our home just west of London, it was a total escape from the frantic pace of our usual life. A gentle charm exudes the farm as you make your way up the drive, orchard on one side and fields rising on the other to the top of the slope where the welcome of the wooden barn awaits. The view is nothing short of splendid and the eye is soothed by the sun rising or falling over the Black Mountain ridge that lies directly ahead providing the perfect accompaniment to breakfast or dinner on the terrace. The children enjoyed feeding apples to the pigs, visiting the chickens and the hammock provided them with endless entertainment. Days were spent either on horseback or trekking the mountains. The nights were cooler and we even lit a couple of log fires. Feels like a world apart – and a wonderful one.

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